Brave Love Women are solution focused verses self focused. We are a network of solution driven Women who work together to create longterm solutions to “needs” around the World. We believe that Women are the catalyst for global solutions. We want to see an entire generation of Women rise to their God given assignment to shape history.

Women must call other women to be the messengers they were always intended to be. As our voices arise and we declare simple gospel truths, the culture of women will shift, and our sisters will be awakened to their deep significance and purpose in God. We do not have time to consider our frailty or lack but we must now prepare our voices to make a sound that will release such courage in women, such faith and expectancy, that they will know nothing is impossible for their God.

Gone will be the days where we will speak of current or past names of female world shakers as if that breed of women has come and gone. But we will walk in that very anointing that shook and is shaking the world. The same great need for healing and salvation covers the world today. God is asking His daughters to demonstrate a brave love that will flood fields across the world. He is asking us to be soul winners, to train others, and not relent until we see His return.


Brian & Christy Brennt have been married for 30 years and have dedicated their lives to seeing others enjoy their full inheritance in Christ through prayer, teaching and discipleship. Christy has suffered from a chronic debilitating illness for most of their marriage but through her perseverance and overcoming joy, has cultivated sweet revelations of what it means to fully surrender and follow Jesus with your whole heart. Together, they pastored a church in Tacoma, Washington and ignited a local college movement. In 2010, they went into full-time missions with their four children and continued to invest in the training of young people. They are a catalytic voice to youth movements across the nation, with Brian being a dynamic public communicator and Christy being a dedicated and discerning intercessor. They have most recently co-founded Circuit Riders, a youth movement of young evangelists who serve to bring collaboration in the body of Christ to present the gospel to the lost.

Brave Love was birthed from Christy’s journey of discipling women through the years in spite of her own health limitations and Brian’s observation of the impact that one woman can have when she gives her whole-hearted Yes to God with no excuses. The desire of God’s heart to see His daughters activated in His courage and His love was revealed and the pillars of the Brave Love message were written together by both of them.

The Brave Love movement was birthed in 2012 in a humble garage gathering in Southern California with about 30 women. At that time there were no materials and no name for the meeting, but Christy brought a profound teaching that God had given her about women as catalysts. From that initial time, Brave Love gatherings began to multiply as the sound of activated love and the need for courage resonated in the hearts of women across the nation. The Brave Love movement continues to grow as God raises up female messengers and establishes Brave Love projects to impact the earth through His daughters.

The Brave Love Women platform exists to bring awareness of the global need and empower Women to catalyze local and global solutions to the needs of the world. Brave Love Women promotes activism that is motivated by the love of Jesus.